Amy Grubb Photography

How the Other Half Live

These are large format portraits of individuals and families who have chosen to live in sustainable communities, working collectively to have as little environmental impact as possible. Within the images I have made reference to Baroque portraiture, firstly as a tool to empower the subject, but also to raise questions. Baroque portraiture was originally commissioned by the aristocracy to display personal power, wealth and patronage. By making this reference stylistically within the photographs, I hope to challenge the viewer’s own thoughts on wealth, materialism and the environment. Furthermore, the experience of living in a community is like having an extended family, and for some, replaces ties lost with actual family members. This project, in a sense, highlights our new acceptance of the extended family network by mimicking ancestral paintings where lineage was a symbol of prestige.
How the Other Half Live | Redneck | Displaced | Bodybuilders | Portraits | Odds & Sods
Amy Grubb Photography 2012 -
by Risc