Amy Grubb Photography


In 2003 - 2004 I interviewed and photographed people that have experienced displacement from their home country and now live in the South West of England. These stories range from a WWII Polish soldier escaping Nazi Germany, to the flight of modern day political refugees from Kurdistan. During the interviews individuals related their reasons for leaving, what their previous lives were like before coming to the UK, and their hopes and plans for the future. With these stories and the accompanying images I compiled a book entitled ‘Displaced’. The primary purpose of this book was to educate others, and to promote understanding and acceptance of different nationalities living in the UK. At a time when large numbers of refugees were entering the UK, and tensions between certain communities were heightened as a result of this influx, my intention was to somehow try, in a small way, to bring some balance to the situation. The book came close to publication by The British Refugee Council, but unfortunately never made it into print due to funding cuts.

The following images are from that project and, I believe, have as much relevance now as they did then.

Amy Grubb Photography 2012 -
by Risc